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20th April

 I have had the advantage of having cosmetic colour correction & camouflage treatments with Evelyn Orford.  My issues were numerous with many depigmented areas on my face.  Years of sun abuse, use of the "pill" & previous unsuccessful treatments for melasma.  How professional, discreet & precise Evelyn is!  She has the highest standards & I am so grateful for "her work".  Evelyn has given me back confidence with camouflage cosmetic tattooing in her skillful & professional hands.  Thanks so much.
Jill - Redland Coast    


18th October 

I  was born with almost non existing eyebrows and all my life have been using eyebrow pencils……many  many years…… I was never game to have my eyebrows tattooed as I was worried that this would be a semi- permanent long term action also I am a coward with a very low pain threshold  - and WHO WOULD I IPOSSIBLY TRUST????


For various reasons I finally decided to take the plunge and GET IT DONE!

Next followed very thorough research comprising Tattooists on the internet (and all their reviews)     Award winners in this field over the last few years and Word of Mouth from people who have had this procedure.


After a   month of serious searching and a process of elimination I met Evelyn Orford.

Evelyn understood  how scared I was – I would rather go to a dentist at that stage- however by the time my first consultation had finished she had won me over with Her extreme professionalism , knowledge , beautifully presented rooms and understanding nature sealed the deal and   I booked in for my Eyebrow tattoo.   BEST THING I EVER DID.

Evelyn is Gentle , Patient , Listens to what I want, explains the procedure, and delivers a FIRST CLASS RESULT….all with virtually very little discomfort


Two years later I have had my Eyebrows done       My Eyelids done      Now my Lips done    It takes me two minutes to get ready for work in the mornings, just the moisturizer and I am on my way, fantastic!   And I look bloody good..


At least seven of my very fussy friends now are Evelyn converts and we all agree that Evelyn deserves her Awards  … She is the Bomb


Helen - Sandgate



20th May 

I have to tell you that I am extremely happy with my eyebrows and to say thank you again for doing such a great job.  I would like you to post my below comments please you deserve it.

I am 58 and my eyesight is not what it was so after years and years of the awful chore of having to pencil my eyebrows on, I finally got the courage to see someone about getting permanent eyebrows.   I am so happy I did, the awful chore has gone, I have more confidence, I can swim, and they just look and feel great.  
Evelyn is just a true professional, she took the time to discuss what I wanted and made me feel very at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending Evelyn, my eyebrows are just perfect, exactly what I wanted, her clinic is very clean and professional, you are in very good hands and can be very confident your eyebrows will be just what you wanted when they are done by Evelyn.  

25th February 

If only I could find the highest pedestal in the world I would put Evelyn Orford on it!! I have had rather a lot of tattooing over the years then came across Evelyn before another disaster happened. Evelyn is a truly natural artist with an ept of essence personality and totally

professional. Evelyn has transformed my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, I look 10 years younger perhaps even more. I adore my new look which has given me the confidence I have always wanted. People who know me keep telling me how fabulous I look in my 50's, that's thanks to

Evelyn, there is no one that could take her place, honestly. Thanks a million seems clique but I mean it, you have given me my life back.


8th November 

Evelyn's work as a Speacilist in Cosmetic Tattoing came to my attention when I noticed how absolutely perfect a work colleagues eye-makeup was every day.  She happily shared her satisfaction with the result and Evelyn's telephone contact number.

I am a perfectionist and I could not fault the work.  I found Evelyn to be approachable, friendly and understanding of my need to err on the side of caution initially.  She was more than happy to discuss colour and style at length and always made me feel comfortable.

I have gone ahead to have my upper and lower eyeliner done and am absolutely delighted with the result.  I have had no less than twenty people comment on my eyes or "eye-makeup" in the five weeks since my initial tattoo.

The linework is immaculate, the colour perfect and I did not experience any more than 10 seconds of discomfort throughout the whole procedure.  Evelyn managed this very well with her considerate use of counting to ten out loud to indicate the length of time.

I found that I was able to go about my business as usual straight away, without swelling or redness.

Doing my makeup is a breeze now and I am so happy with my eyeliner, I have every intention to spoil myself further by getting my lips tattooed.

I would be more than happy to talk with anyone interested in seeing an example of Evelyn's expertise.

Cynthia Jones


8th November 

As a professional Artist, Commercial Illustrator and a people watcher, I am very impressed with Evelyn's eyeliner tattoos.

Her work is very precise and creates the perfect clear dark outline that helps define a woman's eyes.

In my opinion, I think as a man I get to appreciate the work even more than my wife, as I get to look at the perfect job she has done all day.

On a related note, if my wife had not told me, I would never have known that there was any swelling or irritation at all.  It was clean, clear and very fine.

I would have no hesitation myself in getting the job done one day, I think some men and women lose a lot of definition in their features as they get older and having a permanent solution to this would make a big difference to their self esteem.

Plus the added benefit of not having to need glasses to apply the same look, is a major advantage.

I would recommend anyone to go to Evelyn for this procedure, it is very precise and professional, and the perfect solution for permanent beauty.

Bob Jones


I really felt I needed brightening up - and Evelyn certainly did that for me!

Using her expert tattooing skills and years of knowledge as a beautician, Evelyn transformed my eyes and eyebrows and I feel and look like a million dollars!

The eyeliner is fabulous and so practical for busy people like me who want to have their make-up done in next to no time.  It just gives eyes the definition they need - I apply a little mascara and I am good to go!!

My eyebrows are the best shape ever, as they define and give my face a really glamorous look.

Great too to know I have permanent make-up on that won't smudge or wash off during sporting, leisure and swimming activities.

I highly recommend Evelyn for your beauty make-over.  She is truly a gifted and talented person, very experienced and understanding of beauty needs.




Evelyn Orford is a true artist. I contacted Evelyn after seeing her eyeliner work on a beautician friend of mine. I asked the most difficult of all cosmetic wishes: eyeliner that simply enhances my own natural eyelashes and makes then appear fuller, thicker, darker - but NATURAL.

I am honestly amazed at the skilled work and perfect result.

I have gone back and had my lips coloured also, again a very natural colour and can truthfully say that my lips simply look better, with a pretty Cupid's bow and natural pink colour.

I have recommended Evelyn to friends and family alike, her studio is meticulously clean, her equipment modern and her technique flawless.

S.Price Hamilton 

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