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Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

  • Re-shapes and re-defines the eyebrow area
  • Reduction and camouflage of gaps from sparse hair in the brows
  • Thicker, darker more dramatic eye brow enhancement
  • Correction of eye brow inconsistencies
  • Perfect brows every morning, throw away your brow pencil

Cosmetic Eye Liner Tattoo

  • No eye liner smudges great for physically active people and people with oily skin
  • Assists vision and physically impaired
  • Hassel free eye liner for contact lens wearers
  • Easily compliments daily make-up routine
  • Enhancement of pale or small eyes
  • Dramatic and more defined eyes
  • Minimal make-up required
  • Achieves a 24/7 subtle or dramatic effect
  • Perfect for people with make-up allergies

Cosmetic Lip Liner and Full Lip Tattoo

  • Effectively defines pale or uneven lips
  • Creates symmetry to uneven lips
  • Lips look great 24/7, a touch of gloss and voila
  • Repairs patchy/uneven lip line border common with cold sore sufferers
  • Lipstick bleed can be minimized as lip colour is in the skin not on the surface
  • Great casual look without lipstick
  • Fuller more seductive lips

Areola Re-pigmentation

  • Areola re-pigmentation is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is
    also considered by those with areola colour loss
  • After the nipple reconstruction is completed, the tattooing process may begin, normally 6-12 weeks post surgery

Corrective Camouflage

  • Corrective camouflage tattooing can bring a natural skin colour back to scars and burns
  • Extremely effective camouflage technique for hypo-pigmentation (loss of skin pigment)
  • Effective camouflage of hair transplant scars
  • Eyebrow scar minimization
  • Hide scars resulting from skin lesion removal

Skin Needling (MCA)

  • MCA (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation) is a skin relaxation technique that can rejuvenate and relax scar tissue
  • Skin needling stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen and melanin in areas where surface scar tissue is present
  • Effective in minimizing the appearance of acne and fine scars on the face


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