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Before & After

Below are some before and after photo examples of Evelyn's work.  For further information on any procedures, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Eyebrows frame the eyes - colour can be implanted as a solid look or hair strokes and feathering for a softer result.
If you have hair, background colour can be applied to give more definition and shape.
Colour is almost always more dramatic than the desired result immediately post procedure and will settle after 4-5 days post procedure to a more subtle and natural look.


Upper and lower eyelids can be enhanced by applying colour perfectly along the lash lines.
Eyeliner can be designed to your individual style whether it be a fine and natural look, a soft eyelash enhancement to give just a hint of colour between the lashes, bold and dramatic, tapered or a dotting of colour between the lashes - the choice is yours saving you time and frustration applying your make-up every day knowing your eyes look defined and beautiful 24/7.

Lipline / Full Lipcolour

Colour is implanted in a fine or fuller line to define and enhance the lip border this technique is very effective for uneven lips or lips that have lost shape and colour as a result of cold sores, injury or sun damage.
The lip line & blend is used when a less obvious outline is desired, a technique used to fill in white areas where the lipline has been extended away from the natural lip line to balance asymmetrical lips.
Full Lipcolour is ideal for people with very pale or uneven lip colour, the lips are left tinted with an overall colour, great for the woman who wants a no fuss make-up routine - apply a slick of gloss and your ready to go, beautiful!

NB: Prior to having any lip procedure condition your lips with Bepanthen antiseptic cream two-three weeks leading up to your procedure.

Colour absorbs beautifully into well hydrated lips.

If you are a cold sore sufferer, no problem but you will need to take a specific anti Herpes virus medication to prevent a cold sore outbreak after your procedure.

This will be discussed at your consultation.


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